Redis Server

By default there are always at least 2 redis server instances available:

  • redis
    • port 6379 (default)
    • socket file: /var/run/redis/redis.sock
    • Suitable for cache
    • Volatile data/information
    • Can be cleared at all times, shouldn't influence application when cleared
    • Data = non persistent (volatile)
  • redis-persistent 
    • port 6378 (non default)
    • socket file: /var/run/redis-persistent/redis.sock
    • Suitable for sessions
    • Persistent data/information
    • Should/will never be cleared, clearing would influence application
    • Data = persistent (non-volatile)


  • Using the socket file is recommended when using local redis instances (less overhead = better performance!)
  • Try to use seperate databases when having multiple websites/applications on the same server (e.g. db 1 , db 2, ...)
  • By default there are 16 databases available (0-15), this could be increased on request 
  • Sample Magento 2 env.php with redis configured properly can be downloaded HERE (Magento < 2.3.5) and for Magento 2.3.5 and newer HERE
  • Sample for Shopware can be found HERE
  • We have best practice configs for Drupal, WordPress, CraftCMS and other frameworks, please contact our support for assistance

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