TurboStack Command Line Interface

TurboStack Command Line Interface

The TurboStack Command Line Interface (later referred to as TSCLI) is available on all TurboStack servers to provide you with an easy to use tool to manage the services on your server, even ones you would normally need root access for. Below is a short description of the various features.


TSCLI Commands:

The TSCLI tool uses levels of arguments to categorize functions. Every command starts with 'tscli' followed by the service you're managing, followed by the parameters for the function you're using as documented below.

tscli nginx reload

This command will reload the NGINX service configuration


NGINX Webserver:

  • tscli nginx reload

    • Verifies the NGINX configuration and reloads it if it is valid. If it isn't valid you'll get an error with the issue reported.

BlackFire php Profiler:

  • tscli blackfire enable

    • Installs the Blackfire Profiler and restarts the PHP-FPM service(s).

  • tscli blackfire disable

    • Uninstalls the Blackfire Profiler and restarts the PHP-FPM service(s).

  • tscli blackfire reload

    • Restarts the Blackfire Profiler service, to apply changes to the configuration.


  • tscli firewall check

    • Returns info on wether the IP parameter is listed in the iptables. Please make sure to only use valid IP addresses.
  • tscli firewall block

    • Adds a firewall rule to block a specific IP address as specified in the IP parameter.
  • tscli firewall unblock

    • Removes an IP address from the firewall's deny list.

php OpCache:

  • tscli opcache clear

    • Resets php's OpCache

Varnish Cache:

  • tscli varnish clear

    • Clears everything from Varnish Cache's memory.
  • tscli varnish reload

    • Reloads the Varnisch Cache configuration

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