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SPF & DKIM Record For MailChimp 

To authenticate your domain, you'll need to complete tasks in Mailchimp and in the zone editor(portal) or control panel. This process requires you to copy and paste information from Mailchimp to your domain provider's site. We recommend that you work with two browser windows or tabs to easily move between your sites.

Here's a brief overview of the process.

In Mailchimp

• Verify your domain.
• Copy two important pieces of information, your CNAME record for DKIM, and your TXT record for SPF

In Your Domain's Control Panel or Zone Editor

• DKIM: Create a CNAME record for with this value:
• SPF: Create a TXT record for with this value: v=spf1 -all or add ""  to your SPF record 


  • The URLs above are examples only. Replace "" with the domain you want to authenticate.

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